Toronto Based TalentMinded to Represent ViziRecruiter in Canada for Next Generation Talent Acquisition

– It just got easier to create visually compelling job descriptions with the recent launch of ViziRecruiter. This new entry into the HR Tech space helps companies and recruiters transform text-heavy job descriptions into customizable landing pages called— “Vizis”. ViziRecruiter is pleased to announce their partnership with Toronto-based TalentMinded which provides innovative talent acquisition services and solutions.

See an example Vizi here:

A Vizi is created by simply cutting and pasting an existing job description into ViziRecruiter’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. The advanced technology powering ViziRecruiter automatically, and within seconds, creates a visual job post complete with images, icons and visual calls-to-actions. “We are delighted to join with TalentMinded to provide this solution,” Joe O’Connor, ViziRecruiter’s president, says.

“We’re excited to be working with ViziRecruiter. We believe Vizis are the future of recruiting!” says Kim Benedict, CEO/Co-Founder of TalentMinded. “Our customers have seen an immediate increase in candidates and hiring manager engagement as a result of leveraging the Vizi platform.  Vizis help companies truly differentiate their employment value proposition in a highly competitive talent market. This is game changing!”

ViziRecruiter allows recruiters and companies to create visually compelling job descriptions and:

 » Promote their employment brand by aligning company images and messaging within a job description

» Easily share job posts via social media networks, giving open requisitions the chance to go viral

» Develop responsive job descriptions viewable on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones

» Review real-time analytics on job posts and keyword performance

ViziRecruiter accomplishes all of these things while maintaining a low price point starting at less than $100 per month.

TalentMinded is the next generation talent acquisition solution. TalentMinded offers companies talent acquisition as-a-service.  We provide everything companies need to make awesome recruiting happen; the best people, process, tools, technology and employment marketing strategies for one monthly fixed price.  You don’t just need a recruiter; you need a recruiting solution. For more information, visit or email

Make an impact on your recruitment efforts in less than an hour. Sign-up for a free trial and we will create your first Vizi today! You just have to edit, approve, share and hire awesome people!

Stop posting jobs. Start marketing them! 

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