Corporate Gifts for Public Relations? Why Not!

Many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars looking for positive public relations and there are even experts in the field that contract their services to ensure that the clients they work with develop a positive brand image. Not only is your image important to the general public but your peers need to respect you, your employees should be happy to work for you and clients you deal with should know that their business is also appreciated. That’s what branding is all about from the inside and out and what better way to build a positive image than to begin with corporate gifts that are a true sign of appreciation?

Positive PR – It All Interconnects

When seeking to build positive PR it is important to understand that each layer of your business literally interconnects with every other layer. For example, employees who respect you as an employer and are sincerely motivated to excel in their respective duties are the faces that are often seen by customers and business associates. Happy employees are your first line of defense when it comes to building brand because their enthusiasm shines through to all they encounter.

Suppliers who you deal with and have shown appreciation to are more than willing to move heaven and earth to get your orders filled in full and promptly which enables your employees to do their jobs and your customer’s orders to be filled promptly as well. Each of those two groups, employees and suppliers, have a direct impact on how you are perceived by your customers so when working towards positive public relations all of those entities are truly interconnected.

Ways to Show Your Sincere Appreciation

You might find this a bit odd but giving corporate gifts as a sign of appreciation goes a lot farther in building positive public relations than you might expect. Sometimes we are so caught up on the day to day affairs of running our business that we forget to take time to engage with the people responsible for our business’ success. It only takes a few moments to show your appreciation and one of the most effective ways to do that is to send a small memento that shows you are thinking of them. According to the owner of Gimmee Jimmy’s Cookies, the idea of sending gourmet cookies as a corporate thank you message is beginning to take off like wildfire.

Customers and other businesses alike are so appreciative of that simple act of gratitude that they have begun to think of cookies in a new and novel way. Other businesses have begun sending cookies to their clients and staff, and the general public is now looking at cookies in a whole new way. Orders are increasing by the day and all because a few businesses decided to send cookies as a quick but heart felt ‘Thank you.’


What this tells us is that a little token of appreciation goes a very long way in building a positive brand image. From the customers you serve to the suppliers you deal with and each and every employee who does his or her part in your business efforts, gratitude is a major step in building positive public relations and one that every corporation should keep in mind. Looking to grow your business? Corporate gifts as a public relations strategy is a step you can easily take.

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