Ultraseal America Inc explains the advantages of two-stage casting impregnation at Mexico Foundry Congress 2016

The advantages of two-stage casting impregnation as a routine quality enhancement that ensures cast metal parts remain leak-free were explained at the Mexico Foundry Congress 2016 by Ultraseal America Inc.

Bob Remler, VP Sales, Ultraseal America Inc., outlined the transformation of casting impregnation over the years when he addressed an audience at the conference in the Congress Centre, Holiday Inn Diamante, Querétaro, Mexico.

The latest innovation in casting impregnation, the two-stage R-FL-Duplex Plus machine, can process up to 45 units an hour and is easily integrated into a modern, Just- in-Time production line, he told the assembled foundry audience.

Savings on both staff costs and overheads can be made because the front-loading machine, which is fully automated with robotics, requires no manual handling and has a far smaller factory footprint than conventional three-stage machines.

Moreover it delivers more environmental benefits. It uses far less water, always an advantage in areas where water is in short supply. This breakthrough is achieved by innovative chemistry developed by Ultraseal.

This allows components with excess liquid sealant to go straight into the hot cure tank, the final stage of the process, without having to be washed in a cold wash module first. Excess sealant is then recycled straight from the hot cure tank, leaving clean hot water in the tank ready for the next batch of parts.

Mr Remler said there had been a lot of interest in the R-FL-Duplex Plus. Casting impregnation is a reliable and permanent solution that ensures cast metal parts, even if they have the microscopic holes that comprise porosity, remain leak-free under pressure.

The R-FL-Duplex Plus is the latest innovation in casting impregnation technology and demonstrates Ultraseal’s continued commitment to transform impregnation technology.

Ultraseal America Inc., based in Ann Arbor, MI, is part of Ultraseal International, a UK-headquartered company with a global reach that also has JVs in India and China, operations in Germany and Japan and a network of 22 agents/distributors worldwide.

For further information visit Ultraseal’s website here


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