Ultraseal explains the transformation of casting impregnation at conference in Mexico

The transformation of casting impregnation into a two-stage, fully-automated process is to be explained by Ultraseal at the Mexico Foundry Congress 2016 in Querétaro, Mexico.


The leading innovator in the field of finding solution to the eternal problem of porosity in casting is to present two papers at the conference at the Congress Centre, Holiday Inn Diamante, Querétaro on June 16, 2016.  Ultraseal will also be exhibiting at Stand 18.

Porosity is a phenomenon that occurs during the casting process itself and can lead to leak paths being formed in cast metal parts – a serious problem for many automotive powertrain components.

The first paper will outline how casting impregnation, a process that provides a reliable and permanent solution to porosity, can now be carried out using innovative equipment that offers a range of cost and environmental benefits.

Ultraseal’s new R-FL-Duplex Plus machine can process up to 45 units an hour, takes up less space on the factory floor and uses recycling technology that minimises amount of water and chemicals required.

The second paper will explain why it is not necessary to use added pressure during the casting impregnation process in order to achieve excellent results. The company will present research to show that modern methacrylate-based sealants quickly fill up a wide range of pore sizes between 0.00001mm and 0.5mm at ambient pressure.

Stephen Hynes, Marketing Director for Ultraseal, said: “Casting impregnation has been truly transformed with the advent of the two-stage R-FL-Duplex Plus machine that takes recycling technology to the next level.

“Our chemistry has allowed us to eliminate the cold wash stage altogether from the casting impregnation process, making the R-FL-Duplex Plus ideally suited for use in regions where water is scarce, such as parts of Mexico.

“Ultraseal has been helping diecasters and automotive suppliers for decades to ensure that their components remain leak-free under pressure, which is critical for many parts such as engine blocks.

Ultraseal is headquartered in Coventry, UK, where all of its Research & Development is carried out, along with the design and manufacture of its sealants including the global benchmark Rexeal 100™.

The company has Joint Ventures in China and India, operations in the United States and Germany, an office in Japan and a network of 22 agents/distributors around the world, as well as a number of jobshops.

For more information see Ultraseal’s website here


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