$20 Off PR Events Coupon. Publish Your Press Release Today

RushPRNews’ motto is PR Made Easy, and we are here to help you achieve your publicity goals, as varied as they may be. From obtaining press coverage to increased web traffic to widening your social shares, with our latest $20 PR coupon toward an online broadcast, you are one step closer to success. Apply your $20 coupon toward any purchase.

What do you get with all of our distribution packages?

 A guaranteed that all press releases published at RushPRNews are to be featured on at least 100 U.S. digital business news site and on Google News. Excellent media pickup!  Basic package $59.

Your release will get a lot more exposure, better search engine results page (SERP) and as a direct consequence, increase your brand visibility, awareness, and bottom line.

You get all the value from the Basic package plus the added value, select  Digital News Sites +Targeted News outlet Broadcast a broadcast (via email) to Canadian news outlets, United Kingdom and African-American and Hispanic newsrooms. Pick one email media list. Advanced package $135.

View the Directory. That broadcast package is priced at $135. These broadcasts are C-SPAM compliant, nd all news subscribers has agreed to receive our mailing as a news tip

What else?
Clipping report: The new packages come with a favorable clipping report conveniently packaged to share with your clients or colleagues available in your client dashboard under Clipping.

Statistics: Pageviews and hits  for each press releases. 

The coupon is valued at $20.00. Coupon valid until June 13.

How to proceed:

Go to your free account and start creating your press release!

To redeem this offer,

1- login into your account and

2- at your dashboard click on Create New Release,

3- enter SPRING2016 at the  checkout process.

One time use only and one per company. Follow all writing instructions, which you may read at our Resources page. Consult it at //rushprnews.com/resources .

Kindly keep in mind that our PR coupons serve two purposes:

1-to reward our loyal paying customers

2-to introduce our services to potential new clients.

Therefore, we reserve the right to reject any accounts that are abusing our offers and such as users that never place a paid order with RushPRNews excellent press release submission services.

See our services at //rushprnews.com/services

Coupons cannot be combined. One coupon per transaction and per user.

Id Redeem Code Redeem Amount Valid Until


$ 20.00 toward a $59 purchase and higher June3 13, 2016


RushPRNews has a library of documents that will be your guide to publishing successfully. Take a look at the following, and even download them if you want: 

Writing for Google Penguin 2.0

Your Guide to Publishing at RushPRNews.com


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