USB Secure 2.0.5 launched with an exciting new interface

With the invention of USB portable drives, moving data from one PC to another is usually a hassle-free process. Technically, USB sticks are nifty little gadgets that fit into your pockets and yet, can hold gigabytes of data – some would say it’s a miracle, but most would say its technological marvel. One of the most intriguing and shocking fact about these devices is its portability – yes, being portable means that these devices are prone to theft or loss, and yet at the same time they are convenient to carry around. Now, depending on how much you paid for your device, misplacing or having your device stolen can leave a gaping hole in your pockets. Depending on the storage type some devices can range from few dollars to several hundred dollars. The second downside of losing your device has to do with data theft, it is estimated that you are 42 percent more likely to save receptive data on a USB flash drives than on your PC. Data leaks on information such as tax returns, financial spreadsheets, sensitive images, videos and other related documents can pose possible problems ranging from identity theft, theft of intellectual property and possibly black mail from potential cyber crooks.

Many people have realized this potential drawback of using USB drives, and thus have utilized the use USB security software to password-protect their drives. However, not all USB security software are created equal, and many don’t offer adequate protection against professional data thieves – meaning they can easily be bypassed using sophisticated hacking software. Nonetheless, USB Secure by is different, it is the oldest and most trusted USB data security software on the market. It has been developed by the world’s leading information security company that has a reputation for providing data encryption solution for large organizations such as NASA, TSB Lloyds, Tennessee national guards and the Canadian government.

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Most recently, USB Secure has gone through a major update, the latest version 2.0.5, brings about changes in its user-interface and further enhancements in its security algorithm. It’s now available for trial and purchase on



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