Youngest of 700 Speakers Travels to LA for Milken Global Conference May 1-4, 2016

Young Canadian Innovator, Eric Termuende, Set to Speak at Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills

Eric Termuende, co-founder, and director of Gen Y Inc., will be the youngest of 700+ to speak at the Milken Global Conference this year.


Beverly Hills, CA, May 2 – Eric Termuende, the young innovator who was named as one of the 2015 American Express Top 100 Emerging Innovators under 35, will be attending the highly prestigious Global Conference held by the Milken Institute in Beverly Hills on May 2nd, 2016 to discuss the advantages and implications of different generational and gender perspectives.


This year, the Milken Institute Global Conference brings together some of the world’s most innovative and extraordinary minds together at The Beverly Hilton, Sunday, May 1 -Wednesday, May 4, to explore hot-button issues in government, education, finance, and industry sectors. The conference will have some of the most influential people from a number of industries, including Tom Hanks, Kobe Bryant, and Al Gore.


Eric’s presentations have taken him all over North America and into Europe, influencing students, parents, employers, and employees alike. And now, right after his thought-provoking speech at TEDx, Eric is making his way to Los Angeles for the Milken Institute Global Conference to take his seat on the panel, “Leadership in a Multigenerational Workforce: Bridging the Gap to Drive Impact,” to discuss the values and implications of different generational and gender perspectives. For more details about the conference, visit  


About Eric Termuende

Eric is looking to make a global difference in the way we talk about work and how we view success and talk about work. Co-founding Gen Y Inc. in 2014 with Emerson Csorba, Eric built a tool that quantifies culture and helps organizations understand exactly what it is their employees love about their job to attract talent based on fit as opposed to just brand or salary. He also serves as community integration chair for Global Shapers Calgary and sits on the leadership committee for the Canadian G20 YEA Delegation. To learn more, visit or call us at (403) 554-2048. 

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