Travel to the Moon In A Few Hours

Now, it will be possible to realize a new effective engine for space propulsion which manifests the propulsion power incomparably larger than thrust force of Ion engine and EmDrive that NASA etc could confirm its thruster really works after precision tests.

So, your long-cherished dreams will come true! 

Of course, they mean real travel to the moon with low-priced traveling expenses that’ll be able to reach there in a few hours (not in four hours by the EmDrive thrust) and earlier realization of Mars exploration with a manned (bigger) spaceship and more (and more) over….

For details, see the following website :

What is more, a new theory (unique concepts) for the space propulsion system would lead to basically resolution of an unsolved important problem : a singular point problem that interpretation of a standard theory (the momentum conservation law) has been incompatible with accomplished facts (experimental results by NASA etc) for EmDrive that is said its technological innovation might achieve an interplanetary space flight with ultra high speed indeed.

The above space propulsion system theory with the new concept(s) has not been denied by any experts of Spacephysics (Dynamics) until now. 

It will not be rejected by the other experts and the specialists in the future and so on, even if a second Sir Isaac Newton and/or Albert Einstein etc appeared, it would never ever….

For details, see the following web site : 

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