Visionup Strobe Glasses

The world’s 1st Strobe Glasses for young athletes

Visionup Junior VJ11-AF by Appreciate Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan

 Film LCD flickering glasses improve sport vision and athletic performance.

 The world’s 1st Strobe Glasses for children will be launched by Appreciate Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of Visionup Strobe Glasses in Kyoto, Japan, in May, 2016.  The market price is J.Yen 50,000.  The glasses are good for children of ages between 8 to 12 and women requiring a smaller frame size.  3,000 pairs are expected to be sold in the first year mainly by the company’s online-shop.

 Visionup was developed under supervision by Prof. Hisao Ishigaki, who is the No.1 authority of sport vision in Japan. The glasses work by LCD lights that flicker on and off, which closes your sight intermittently. When the glasses are on, the individual will have impaired vision, which will enforce them to make quicker decisions and understand the rhythm of the game better. As the glasses are taken off, naturally the individual’s game improves drastically.

The original model, Visionup Athlete VA10-AF, has been in the market since October, 2015 and was introduced by professional baseball teams, professional football teams, top players of hockey, tennis, cricket, clay shooting, martial arts, etc. Despite your age or level, Visionup Strobe Glasses can be used just during your daily drills or exercises for 15 min., every two or three days, for 8 to 12 weeks.  Then you can expect improvement of both visual ability and performance by around 10%.

Visionup Junior was produced based on a big demand for a smaller size Visionup in the market, mainly by parents of young athletes and sport trainers.  Usually the peak of visual ability is before the age of 20.  Visual training during childhood sparks your visual growth and brings an enormous advantage for any young athlete. We believe that visual training with Visionup Junior will be popular among young athletes to improve their performance. 


Weight: A pair of glasses 27g, Total package 300g,

Electric source: Rechargeable battery (for over 20 hours use.)  Integrated controller,

Flickering Frequency 1Hz-150Hz with 10 levels, Duty or closing ratio: 30%, 50%, 70%

Material: LCD lenses: Polycarbonate, Main Frame: Nylon resin

Packed Items: A pair of strobe glasses, AC Adapter, Pouch, Hard Case,

 Cleaning Cloth, Instruction Manual


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