A Platform Made For Achievers Available For Download

Compete and show your achievements. Build your Achiever profile.

Achiever, the platform to host all challenges and let people show their achievements is now available to download on both iOS and for Android.

The Achiever Team is looking for users to download the app for free (www.achiever.online) and give us a feedback to make it even better.

Users can scroll between numerous challenges, join their favorites and have fun. Every user can even start his or her challenge in less than 1 minute or post his amazing achievement. (Check our website www.achiever.team)

Every user can create any measurable or vote based competition. It incorporates gamification and social network elements, user profile, medals, levels, sponsorships by the companies with real gifts. If the competition is voted then most “Respects” (votes) win. So invite friends to Respect you, win the challenge, level up and be in our Wall of Fame. Get people to Follow you based on your achievements and your challenges. It is time to translate your photos and videos into fame and recognition.

Very soon companies and celebrities will come on board and start their own challenges giving you the chance to win real gifts. In fact, we have some already.

Companies can sponsor targeted groups or competitions that relate to their products and services. They can create their own competitions/contests with gifts for marketing purposes, get feedback and ideas or even measure the purchase intent of a product. This can be extended to corporate training or even measuring brand loyalty. Users can share through all other social network so as to maximize exposure.

We are making marketing fun for both sides! This is proved by our +30% engagement rate. People are competitive and there is this movement to gamification. Users crave for new, interesting and playful methods to engage.


Share our platform with everyone. We find feedback as the most valuable asset to make it the ultimate platform for challenges, competitions and achievements.


Website: www.achiever.team

Download link: www.achiever.online

Facebook: www.facebook.com/appachiever

Twitter: @appachiever

Instagram: appachiever


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If you would like more information about the Achiever platform, please contact Aris or Fani Christofi at aris@achiever.team or fani@achiever.team

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