Ultraseal America Inc to demonstrate to diecasters the latest solutions for combating porosity at CastExpo 2016

Ultraseal America Inc. will inform manufacturers of cast metal parts how effective it is to combat porosity – a serious problem that can cause pressure-tight parts to leak – with Ultraseal’s range of solutions when it exhibits at CastExpo 2016.

The company is a global leader in offering casting impregnation solutions that offer a reliable and permanent solution to the problem of porosity – microscopic holes that form during the casting process itself.

Many manufacturers now include casting impregnation as a routine quality enhancement and Ultraseal’s latest innovation, the R-FL-Duplex Plus, makes it easier than ever before to incorporate the process into a just-in-time production line.

Fully automated with robotics, the R-FL-Duplex Plus’s design eliminates one of the three stages of a traditional casting impregnation process. The new two stage impregnation process has a modular design and with the addition of multiple hot cure modules, this means that it can process up to 45 components an hour whilst still achieving world class sealing quality.

Being compact, it takes up far less floor space than conventional casting impregnation equipment, thus reducing overheads. Fully compatible with Ultraseal’s recycling sealant Rexeal 100™, the R-FL Duplex Plus recycles both sealant and water and produces minimal wastewater when compared to a conventional casting impregnation process.

Ultraseal America Inc will be exhibiting at Booth 1011 at CastExpo, one of the most prestigious shows in the diecasting industry in the United States, at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Minneapolis, from April 16-19 2016.

Stephen Hynes, Marketing Director, Ultraseal, said: “The R-FL-Duplex Plus is an exciting development in casting impregnation and is ideally suited to manufacturers in the automotive supply chain who have to attain the highest quality standards.

“It has never been easier to incorporate effective casting impregnation into a just-in-time production line to ensure leak-free parts and avoid the publicity and cost of a product recall, or costly compensation for failing parts.”

Ultraseal works with almost all of the major automotive OEMs and Tier One suppliers and has a global reach, with operations in Europe, the United States, China, India and Japan. Ultraseal International, the parent company of Ultraseal America Inc., is based in Coventry, UK.

The company offers a number of solutions to combat porosity: while companies with small or varied production runs may choose to send parts out to jobshops where they can access Ultraseal’s proven technologies, those with large production runs of single parts often prefer to invest in their own casting impregnation equipment.

For those that want the peace of mind of having their own in-house casting impregnation line, without the responsibility of managing the operation, Ultraseal offers a managed jobshop solution within a customer’s own premises.

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