CANADIAN TECH NEWS: Fast Lane Announces New Portfolio of Business Tech Services

Fast Lane today announced a new portfolio of business enhancing services designed to support companies that are adopting the latest transformative technologies to support the digitalization of their businesses. 

Companies are making significant investments in several key technologies including Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Mobility and Business Analytics, while embracing the move from Capex to Opex, that are creating the foundation for digital business. Fast Lane plays a strategic role with its vendors, partners and their customers by providing a range of services supporting the deployment of digital strategies around these technologies and important solutions like IoT/Connected Enterprise, Collaboration, Cyber Security and Customer/Workforce Experience.

“Our services focus on delivering high-end technology-enabling solutions that help our customers solve real business problems,” Fast Lane President Chuck Terrien explains. “These important solution-based technologies are scrutinized based on their impact on corporate business objectives and companies need help deploying, utilizing and managing them.”

The emerging digital economy will be distributed, software-based, multi-vendor, automated and highly secure and reliable. While these technologies are providing the platform for digital business, ultimately the objective is to maximize business outcomes.

Fast Lane’s portfolio of offerings addresses the complexity and the impact of the latest transformative technologies in order to achieve positive return on investments in next generation IT. 


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