New Blog “Follow Your Bliss” is Captivating Readers; Delves Into Real Issues Affecting Women Today

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New Blog “Follow Your Bliss” is Captivating Readers; Delves Into Real Issues Affecting Women Today: Addiction, Motherhood, Sex & More


Entertainment journalist turned lifestyle blogger Darrah Le Montre is opening up to her readers at about intimate issues like no other blogger today. Darrah’s blog, Follow Your Bliss is a female-friendly positive online community for women (but men are welcome too!) covering relevant topics in a non-judgmental way: Love, sex, motherhood, drug addiction, self-worth, body image, feminism, sexual orientation and activism. Le Montre openly shares about her past as a sex and drug addict and how she overcame both to become a monogamous drug-free mom. She shares her experiences with the hope that other women who relate will feel understood and loved.

 “After I had my daughter, via C-section, I was almost incapable of even getting up to go pee in the middle of the night. I had to rely on my partner to come around to my side, grab my elbow and lift me. I remember my hero of an OB tells me, “Don’t be proud. Ask for help.” She was trying to kill that part of me (and, assumably, other women) that would rather hold their pee or bust their stitches than shove their baby-daddies awake at 2 am,” states Le Montre in her Asking for Help: Why Is It So Hard? the blog post which garnered thousands of unique visitors and shares on Facebook and Twitter.

She has a new free email newsletter for fans called Darrah’s Club which offers insider access to her adventurous and unique life garnished by Hollywood Celebrities, red carpet events and travel to places you never knew existed. This delightful and entertaining part of her blog is only accessible to those who sign-up, and members will receive special gifts, instant alerts to new blogs and even FaceTime chats with her!

Among her latest blog posts is Sex Addict to Monogamous Mom: A love junkie finds true love. Describing her transition from a single and promiscuous girl in her twenties to an engaged mother in her thirties, this piece resonated with current and former wild women who are now looking for love, to settle down and tame their wild ways. Le Montre embraces painful truths and writes from the heart. She is rigorously honest and loves her readers.

She says, “I want to write compelling work that people enjoy reading. I want to help people. I’m devoted to being a mom and a partner, and through this process, I’ve learned so much and changed a lot. I’m excited to share myself with my readers.”

 Who is Darrah?

Formerly an editorial columnist for nudie blog SuicideGirls, she helped to redefine conventional ideas of beauty and examined issues affecting women in America. Called “Red, White and Femme,” her monthly column was expanded upon in a weekly two-hour sensual-intellectual talk show on Indie 103.1 FM, where she was the co-host. Guests included Michael Des Barres, Academy Award-nominee Mariel Hemingway, and sex educators, among others. Le Montre has contributed to major women’s magazines, including Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire and men’s magazine, Esquire. Personally, she is the mother of a darling two-year-old Titan with special needs.

What is Follow Your Bliss?

Follow Your Bliss is a female-friendly, positive lifestyle blog for women and men covering culture, celebrity interviews, entertainment, health, dating, mindfulness and more. Darrah’s blog is a safe place for people who ache to be fully self-expressed in every way: sexually, spiritually and in the pursuit of their dreams. Darrah’s blogs include essays about Sex, drug addiction, self-worth, body image, feminism, love, motherhood, and activism.

Visit Follow Your Bliss and join Darrah’s Club for V.I.P. access to Darrah’s blog!

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