Event Professionals and PR Practitioners: A Lovely Live Event App at a Discount For You <3

A Lovely Live Event App at a Discount For You <3


Did you know the Greeks had six different words to describe different kinds of love? Those savvy philosophers were wise enough to realize that love comes in so many shapes and sizes, from the passionate and romantic to the friendly and playful.

In that spirit, Livecube like to introduce a new form: love of awesome, engaging events.

And since we know you share that love with us, we’ve decided to bring a very special promotion to our savvy event organizers. Whether you’re a public relations professional or an event organizer, we want to show our love with a 25% discount off Livecube for your next event.
We’re only offering this special discount from February 11 to 19, 2016, so take advantage while you still can! Mention the Valentine’s Day promotion when you reserve your spot NOW for a future event! 

Secure your 25% discount: Call (888) 525-9353 today.  

PS – If you haven’t seen the new Livecube intro video, be sure to check it out!

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