The Big Freeze: America Due Extreme Snowstorms

Founder of, offers advice to US residents with concerns about January snowstorms

The ‘Big Freeze’ is due to hit the US towards the end of January. Impending snowstorms are predicted to be life-threatening, with winter weather emergencies announced New York City’s mayor and other authorities across many major US cities. Drivers are warned to stay off the roads unless travel is absolutely necessary. Power outages are already being reported in many parts of America.

Roughly 25% of the population of the US is set to be hit by the Big Freeze of 2016, with some locations already covered by a deep blanket of snow and the rest set to experience the impact before the end of January. Strong winds add to the threat of danger, creating blizzards that will greatly reduce visibility and will put lives at risk.

The Importance of Precautions

The announced weather warnings give US residents time to prepare for impending snowstorms. If you can cancel travel plans, it’s recommended that you do.

Any essential travel should only be undertaken with the right equipment – food and drink supplies, blankets, torches, first aid kits and a mobile phone for emergency contact.

Adrian Drewett, Founder of, offers the following advice to US residents with concerns about January snowstorms:

“The most important thing that you can do today is to come up with a plan of action. Make sure that your family members stay close to home unless travelling is absolutely necessary, and ensure that everyone keeps their phone close at hand.

At the very least an estimated 50 million people will be affected by the snow, with up to 75cm of snow falling across the East Coast. It’s likely that even higher numbers will be affected as the winter weather continues. Those figures aren’t to be ignored. Make sure that you have warm clothes, flashlights, spare batteries, non-perishable foods, bottled water and any prescription medications stocked up, if you haven’t done so already.

With the recent launch of the GridLocate Family Locator ( for Android phones, and the GPS Tracker app, parents can track their family members in the snow storms. The GPS Tracker can be installed onto any Android device, and location data can be checked online or through the Family Locator.

Unlike other trackers, GridLocate apps work 24/7 sending updates every 15 minutes. For parents worried that their children will get caught out in the snow, or for a husband or wife with concerns whilst their partner is out driving, the GPS Tracker and Family Locator provide complete peace of mind. GridLocate’s apps have been designed to work without draining a phone’s battery, which is vital when you’re out in a snowstorm and need enough power on your phone to make calls.

Don’t take risks. Our GPS Tracker installed on each family member’s phone is a free-of-charge precaution – just one thing that you can use to ensure that your loved ones are safe – and it’s often the little things that make the big difference during the most severe weather.”

Making History

 The snowstorm set to hit the US in the next few days will be big enough to make history, it is claimed. Keep your family safe indoors and remind them that there will be safer opportunities for them to get their new heated gloves on to go sledding and build snowmen in the future.

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