MLBC offers new IFRS consulting service

MLBC offers new IFRS consulting service

New IFRS accounting rules for insurance contracts will revolutionize financial reporting, product development, and insurance company operations  

 MLBC, a consulting firm specializing in consulting to the US and the Canadian insurance industry, today launched its IFRS insurance contracts consulting service.

 MLBC’s IFRS insurance contracts consulting service includes a comprehensive package of actuarial and business planning advice. The service will be of significant value to insurance business leaders, chief financial officers, chief risk officers, chief actuaries, and product managers struggling to make sense of imminent changes to IFRS. “The finalization of the new standard (IFRS 4 Phase 2), which is expected to be published next year, will revolutionize how companies manage insurance products and report profits,” said Mike Lombardi, President of MLBC. “We expect tremendous interest in this service”.

 MLBC’s IFRS services include Board presentations, internal management seminars, staff training, project planning, product review, reinsurance, earnings analysis, transition preparation, and external disclosure. Additional background on Mike Lombardi and MLBC can be found at

 About MLBC

 MLBC provides consulting services to insurance companies with respect to business strategy, M&A opportunities, reinsurance, and corporate financial challenges.

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