The eWheel Adventure Begins! Self Balancing Scooter Market Explodes

From the Hover-board to the eWheel the self-balancing market is exploding.  Last year it was Mark Cuban’s Hovertrax that had Hollywood high on hovering and the consumers on a feeding frenzy.

With today’s fast paced young consumer the thrill is over before it begins.  Every young person wants to be the first to show off the hottest product before everyone else. For some it’s a very profitable business.  Create the first YouTube video of a hot product and watch your view count go through the roof.  The ad revenue alone from YouTube can pay for some student’s college education. The trick is to be first.

2016 promises even more. Ushering in a new line of futuristic self-balancing eWheel riding machines that make the Jetson’s look like the Flintstones.  Young people care about going green and saving the earth.  Why not have a blast while doing it!

The newest contender in the hot eWheel market is the Tomboii Sport eWheel from Oboii. New for 2016 the Tomboii Sport eWheel will be released in time for 2015 Christmas delivery but will be in limited supply until January, so order now if you want one for Xmas. The Tomboii Sport eWheel is a lightweight (70lbs) electric self-balancing smart scooter that takes about 5 minutes to learn to ride. For surfers out there, the Tomboii eWheel is like riding the perfect wave.  Tomboii utilizes the latest gyro-stabilization self-balancing system and Samsung lithium battery technology to give riders a range of about 20 miles and a top speed around 20mph.  Easily fits in most trunks so you can take it anywhere. What we really like about the Tomboii eWheel is that it’s serviced here in the USA, not China.  Good luck getting warranty work done in China, it cost too much to ship the stuff back when it breaks and takes forever,

The Tomboii Sport eWheel is currently available at It retails for $2295 with free shipping in the US.  But you can save $500 if you order before Dec 4th.  We love the Tomboii eWheel and the attention it gets on the streets and among my friends when I took it on a gold metal detecting trip we had last month.  All I have to say is get ready to be treated like a rock star if you take this out in public.


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