Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms Launches Modern Delivery Service

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms has launched a new delivery service that embraces the possibilities of the modern world but maintains the traditions surrounding the Christmas tree.

The company has launched a new delivery service that allows people to order a Christmas tree online and have it delivered to their house at a time that suits them.

For those who opt for a natural tree, when pondering where to buy it from, there are many factors to consider; quality is essential, of course, after all nobody wants a discoloured, misshapen or shabby looking Christmas tree. But there are practicalities that must come into equation, too – can you get it from the place of purchase to your home in perfect condition?

Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms‘ delivery services address these two factors by delivering high-quality trees straight to its customers’ homes. Not only does this cut out the troublesome journey home with a Christmas tree precariously propped in the back of the car – which leaves the tree at risk of breaking or shedding its needles everywhere – but it also ensures the freshness of the tree.

With prices starting at $79.00 (US), a customer can select the variety of the Christmas tree they want, choose its height and Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms does the rest. Using smart logistics including specially-designed boxes and ventilated mail trucks, the company will deliver the tree in perfect condition to your door at a time that is convenient for you.

And for those forward-thinking Christmas tree lovers, there is even a special offer available to reward their preparedness if you get your order in early you can save money off this already great deal. And if it is not a tree you’re after this Christmas, the company also delivers decorated wreaths and table-top trees.

Furthermore, as many of the trees that people will see in shops and markets this winter have been chopped down as early as September, this means they have lost their scent and they could lose their colour and needles before the big day has even arrived. However, Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms, a family-run business operating throughout the US and Canada, combats this by only harvesting trees for its customers just a few days before delivery, ensuring maximum quality and minimum fuss.

Adam Stone, the founder of Hilltop (www.hilltop-tree-delivery.com), has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and the President of the National and Regional Christmas Tree Associations. He has led the drive for an easier, more convenient way of getting the perfect tree for your Christmas celebrations.

Mr Stone commented: “Our customers have grown to value the quality of tree grown by Hilltop. While we are proud to have provided our fresh and sustainable products to the wholesale industry for some years, we’ve been looking into how we can enable more people to benefit from their very own real Christmas tree.

“After carefully building up our delivery network and ensuring our crop met the high standards our customers expect, we’re now ready to roll out our service directly to customers’ doors.”

Notes to Editors

The Christmas tree can be traced back to a time before Christmas even existed. Indeed, it is reported that the concept of bringing a conifer tree into the home to celebrate the winter season pre-dates Jesus Christ himself.

Over the thousands of years that followed, this tradition has grown and spread across oceans and throughout continents and today Christmas trees can be found in every corner of the globe. They are quite simply fundamental to the festive period for a huge portion of the world’s population.

It is estimated that as many as 30 million Christmas trees are sold every year. And with fewer than 90 days left until the day is upon us, many of the more forward-thinking people are already be considering where they are going to be getting this year’s tree from and how they are going to decorate it.


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