Digital Traffic Systems Awarded Contract in Ohio for Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) Maintenance

Digital Traffic Systems, Inc. ( has been awarded a two (2) year Contract to provide preventive maintenance and on-call repair for 145 Environmental Sensing Stations (hereinafter referred to as “ESS”), part of the Road & Weather Information System (RWIS) of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). This performance-based agreement includes incentives to ensure that the system is maintained in optimal operating condition.  The ODOT RWIS includes multiple configurations of environmental sensing stations (ESS) that are utilizing different power, communications, and condition settings. 

DTS National Director for ITS Programs, David Ludwig, stated that “DTS is extremely pleased to have been selected by the state of Ohio to work with the Department of Transportation on a statewide basis to proactively maintain their RWIS systems.” 

DTS will provide qualified staff equipped with vehicles and tools that are capable of performing maintenance of required RWIS. Our staff is also trained to work with other ITS equipment, including but not limited to- Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) cameras, Dynamic Message Signs (DMS), Highway Advisory Radio (HAR), Flashing beacons, ITS cabinets, Wind Warning Systems, Ramp meters, Hub Buildings, Electrical systems, and both fiber optic and wireless Communication systems. We can also provide roadway lighting to support the operation of intelligent roadway systems if required. 

 Digital Traffic Systems, Inc.  (“DTS”) is a leading U.S. based provider of smart transportation technology services for intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and traffic data applications. The Company offers a complete range of services from technology evaluation/selection, solutions design, commissioning, and integration, along with the operations, maintenance, and support services needed to maximize the value and utilization of electronic field assets and infrastructure over their full life cycle. These technology and critical data services are delivered on a nationwide basis to state/local governments and transportation-related enterprises.  


Media Contact Name: Richard Hoke 
Media Phone: 505-453-4747 
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