Coffee With Dr. Stewart Launches Season 2

Coffee with Dr. Stewart – Season Two 

Deciding to continue with Season 2 was a no brainer for the creators. So many listeners emailed in requesting for this informational medical show to keep going. Coffee with Dr. Stewart began its second season on August 30, 2015. This brother and sister Talk Radio sensation continued into season two after an unbelievably enthusiastic response to 13 episodes from season one.

Season Two Episodes 

The episodes of season two are both informative and enlightening. Episode one, Hormones & Issues A Man or Woman May Face, discusses in detail the great hormone issues facing men and women in our society today. Educational information regarding hormones is provided during this segment. Dr. Stewart delves into questions of what hormones are, and how they differ in men and women. This discussion moves on to enlighten listeners as to various options available for hormone issues, including thyroid testing and natural ways to support hormones.

Episode two, of season two, includes a special treat of guest personality, Dr. Emily Guitierez. The episode, ADD/ADHD, produces wonderful insights into this mental and physical health dilemma facing society today. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Guitierez discuss at length ADD and ADHD in our modern world, including how to diagnose and support ADHD symptoms. Further, the discussion involves whether pharmaceuticals are the answer or whether more natural aids are effective treatment.

The third episode of this season, The Gut/Brain Connection, showcasing Dr. Stewart’s expertise regarding the connection between the bowel and the brain. This episode provides information regarding the bowel, immune issues, and indicators of gluten intolerance. Dr. Stewart then moves into information regarding nutritional support for both the bowel and the brain. The information is educational and interesting and the chemistry between brother and sister are undeniable.

The final episode thus far in season two is Nutrition Based on Your Genetics. In this episode, Dr. Stewart provides excellent information as to how to best care for your body based upon genetic makeup. The options for optimal health are shown in this episode and details of the future of genetic testing is discussed.

 Coffee with Dr. Stewart Team

Each episode is centered around the expertise of Dr. Stewart. Dr. Stewart is a former surgeon, highly trained in the business of immune system and nervous disorders and biochemistry. The doctor completed his formal educational training in the medical field through the University of Texas. He furthered his training at Baylor University Medical Center, with an emphasis on Neurotology and Skull Base Surgery. He has since furthered his expertise in the medical field by studying degenerative disorders of the nervous system. He has implemented therapies for treating nervous system disorders by helping patients return their hormone and nutritional states to a more optimum state. In addition to his hands-on medical practice, Dr. Stewart is the Lead Formulator for Neurobiologix Supplements.

The host of Coffee with Dr. Stewart is the Chief Executive Officer of Neurobiologix, Kara Stewart-Mullens. Mrs. Stewart has been with the company since its inception in 2009, working as the Director of Sales & Operations. Working with a team of medical professionals since 2010, Mrs. Stewart has been CEO of this company committed to providing quality nutrition to those suffering from methylation and neuro-immune symptoms. Combined with Dr. Stewart, Mrs. Stewart has an excellent grasp from her own health issues and understanding health problems facing society today.


Coffee with Dr. Stewart was developed by Neurobiologix Supplements, and this company continues to support this informative radio show. Neurobiologix Supplements is a company committed to providing pharmaceutical grade products to increase efficacy and omit binders and fillers that are found in so many nutritional products today. These supplements are GMP Certified. Each supplement was designed by a team of top United States physicians to pass on incredible health benefits to the consumers. This highly skilled team of physicians hand-selected each ingredient for each formula. Neurobiologix offers a wide variety of supplements, all developed for optimal health in mind.


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