Free up Space on iPhone with iMyfone Space Saver for iOS

Do you love taking high-quality photos with your iPhone but you’re running out of space? Are you finding that 16gb iPhone or other larger storage iPhone does not offer enough storage to satisfy your needs?  You want to install new apps, or you want to download iOS 9 but your iPhone is out of space?  iMyfone Space Saver for iOS can fix the full storage problem easily!

iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd.,  a software development company offers iPhone users convenience and solutions. iMyfone Space Saver for iOS can fix different kinds of iPhone problems, such as data recovery and limited space. 

With the upgrading of iOS and iPhone camera, small storage iPhone are losing popularity. However, switching to a new, large storage iPhone costs much money. But you may not want to spend more money and can’t bear the full storage problem. iMyfone Space Saver for iOS can free storage space on iPhone  in two ways: junk files clean-up and lossless photo compression. iPhone users do not even need to worry that their photos will be ruined because before the photo compression takes place, the app will back up and sync up their original photos to the computer.

“ Many people are used to store their photos on their iPhone so they can share their photos anywhere and anytime. They do not like to back up their photos to their computer and to have to delete them on their iPhone. However, as everyone knows high-quality photos take much space. Our software compresses photos to release more space. iPhone users can share original photo and compressed images to social media at the same time,” says Daniel Dean, CEO of iMyfone Technology Co., Ltd. 

To save space and money, check out iMyFone Space Saver and find out what it can do for your iPhone.

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