Momentâ„¢, high fidelity Karaoke soundbar surpasses its crowdfunding goal with 28 hours left to go

Karaoke will never be the same. Moment (, the wireless karaoke soundbar, reached the final line and raised 82,076USD on Indiegogo with the help of  337 people in 29 days. With still 28 hours to go and it has not lost its momentum and still accepting backers.

What does it mean for its backers? A one-of-a-kind soundbar that will replace the need for any others in your home is on the way to their doorsteps. With production scheduled for the end of November, this could make for an extremely entertaining holiday season.

Moment promises to deliver clean, crisp audio, whether for watching a movie, gaming or singing karaoke with friends and family.

Moment is a high-fidelity soundbar, only more versatile. This world’s first compact sound bar comes with a built-in mixer, complete with a wireless microphone & subwoofer to serve your entertainment needs. Whether it is singing karaoke, listening to music, enjoying a movie at home or even gaming – Moment does it all minus the cable mess.

On the road to making Moment, tons of soundbars and speakers currently in the market were analyzed. The conclusion was that most of these lack mid-bass, often heard with snares and certain types of drums – especially so at the 180 – 200hz range. Utilizing hardware and software tuning, Moment presents sounds as they were meant to be heard, for a clean, crisp audio experience.

A pair of 3.5″ drivers focuses on vocals and mid-frequency notes while two 1″ soft dome tweeters supply the high notes (up to 20kHz). We then dedicated the 6.5″ driver in Moment’s wireless subwoofer to handle all low notes, cutting off at 180hz, resulting in a deep, clean sounding bass that you can enjoy for hours. Moment, in spite of its 16” footprint, is a sound bar with audio prowess capable of filling up an entire room.

Free shipping in four countries just in time for the holiday season. Add Moment to your gift list.

Team Moment plans to start shipping Moment November 25, just in time for the holiday.

The team is based in Los Angeles, CA, with a backend support team in Singapore. It outsources manufacturing to its partner in China, and as such, it can ship large quantities of Moment to the United States, Canada, Singapore, and China, saving on shipping costs without transferring these onto the consumers and the backers. 

For more information, visit Moment at

View Moment Design at


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