Sales of Skyrocket

The sales of have skyrocketed in the recent months. This has happened amidst the uproar that the business model of the company is not legitimate.

The business model of the company is such that students in their advanced degree programs such as Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. programs come to the company with their research needs. They put an order with the company to complete their assignment or research paper. These also include final theses and dissertations projects.

The company accepts these projects, and the company writers start to work on these academic research projects. The company writers complete the entire project from scratch. They, in fact, write the entire thesis or dissertation. Here comes the problem that critics say that this is illegal and not legitimate.

The company owner replied to our concern. We were informed, “the business model of the company is purely legitimate. The students come to us with their research needs. We provide the papers to the students from scratch. However, it is the responsibility of the students to finalize that written paper and defend it in the oral presentation.”

Then, the mainstay here is that the students finalize the paper themselves by making significant or ‘as desired’ changes to the paper. They also have to learn the paper and the sources by heart for the oral presentation. This makes this business model of outsourcing academic research projects purely legitimate.

Accordingly, we see that the sales of the company have jumped by 400% in the recent months. This is owed basically to the legitimate  status of the company’s business model. The tutors and instructors of the students have also never complained regarding the way the paper was written, submitted and presented.

Hence, the company is now on its way to extraordinary success with its very high growth rates. This is again the fruit of the legitimate nature of the business model of the company. “The company will continue to grow with this incredible growth rate of 400% in the coming months. This is because we have excellent writers on our team who deliver the best paper to our clients”, says the Owner, Ammar Sharif.

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