Experience simple, fun karaoke at Vator Splash 2015

Come October 15, join us at Vator Splash LA 2015 at the Loews Santa Monica Hotel as Spear Logic Inc., a Los-Angeles-based startup, unveils Moment, forever changing the way we enjoy karaoke.

Powered by inspirational keynotes from investors, disruptive founders and dealmakers, Vator Splash LA 2015 is the showcase for LA’s top tech startups.

Presenting Moment at Vator Splash LA 2015, co-founder Jianyuan Chen wants attendees to not only catch a glimpse of Moment, but also have a chance to experience its karaoke features. A demo area dedicated for Moment will be set up at the Startup Showcase Alley.

Why Moment karaoke soundbar?

We all have a singing moment. After hours in the local karaoke bar, in the shower, during our daily commute. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could enjoy a true karaoke experience whilst in the comfort of our homes?

Enter Moment. A compact sound bar for the modern home, allowing everyone young and old to enjoy karaoke, without the fuss and hassle of the conventional setups.

Frustrated with overly complex setups plaguing conventional karaoke systems, LA-based
Spear Logic Inc. is trying to make karaoke simple and fun, minus the hassle with its Moment karaoke sound bar, currently available on Indiegogo for $199 with free shipping – igg.me/at/karaoke-moment

This 16” high-fidelity soundbar comes with its own wireless subwoofer, wireless microphones and built-in mixer, making karaoke a truly plug & play affair. Moment comes with AUX and Optical ports, allowing easy connection to smartphones, tablets, computers, Smart TVs and media players. Bluetooth is built-in and Moment supports aptX enabled devices, allowing for wireless streaming without loss in audio quality.

Compared to conventional setups where multiple devices such as an amplifier, mixer, speakers, and microphones are required, Moment is definitely an easier and more enjoyable way to enjoy karaoke.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Moment is set to be the perfect gift for families with its Indiegogo campaign rewards shipping by end November. 

Join us at Vator Splash LA 2015.  To arrange a private demo, contact us today.


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