Wake up your event audience with Livecube’s latest engagement technology

Livecube transforms how people connect and share ideas at live events. Gamified social engagement app encourages event-goers to interact in a fun and meaningful way

In this age of assumed social media engagement and a growing trend toward the gamification of business, one of the biggest challenges for conference and event organizers is no longer simply keeping their audience entertained but to have them fully participating. The reality is an observer looking around the room will witness fidgeting, yawning listeners, and more often than not, disinterested, dazed stares directed at a smartphone, laptop or tablet. Instead of active and engaged players, the organizer is left with distracted participants that they herd from one session to another hoping for the occasional tweet. However, we all know a tweet does not translate into an active and participatory audience.

That is where Livecube.co breaks through! The web-based app filters out the noise and helps attendees focus on the conversations and connections at hand while delivering the event essentials and engagement through fun game mechanics.

Introduced in 2014 at NY Tech Meetup, Livecube is positioned as the social engagement app that “does it all.”

Justin Schier, Livecube’s co-founder, and CEO said to rushPRnews, “the whole idea is to use the latest engagement technology to motivate the audience with points, badges, and real-world rewards. Turning the process of attending an event into an entirely participatory conversation among all present.”

Supporting Schier’s claims, Jared Fox, Manager, Organizational Strategy Division of Instructional and Information Technology (DIIT) for New York City schools, said, “Working with Livecube allowed our summit’s attendees to engage with social media in a real, purposeful way. “

Fox adds, “I think this was a testament to the power of this app. Without it, the conversations would have remained between the summit paper program and isolated silos. Instead, the exchanges were so animated that for the first time, one of our event trended on Twitter.”

So how does it work? With six simple steps.

Livecube populates the event schedule and speaker info;

Attendees are provided a customized link to view the session schedule;

Attendees sign in to a session;

Attendees view, post and repost ideas, thoughts and photos that populate the session feed with the most popular ideas floating to the top;

Attendees earn points, badges and higher levels based on their activity;

And finally, the attendees with the most points win a prizes based on participation, completion of challenges and popularity of their posts (getting reposted earns more points).

The benefits of using Livecube does not end with social engagement nor does it stop at earning points and prizes, it provides the organizers with tools and information that will be of help to them long after the event is over. It archives and makes available to organizers a wealth of data, such as:

Measures the popularity of prizes;

Identifies the most and least popular sessions;

Gathers participation data;

Measures sponsors popularity;

Collects direct participant feedback;

Collects survey and polling responses;

And it stores candid photos taken by the participants, which may be reused for cross marketing.

Most extraordinary is what the participants are left with once the event has passed. Livecube’s post event reporting acts as a story summary of their experience at the event. It not only helps them recollect specific connections and experiences, but it facilitates ongoing contact forging a relationship. The event may be over, but the conversation is forever! 

To schedule an interview with Justin Schier, Livecube’s CEO, contact Anne Howard at AH PR here.

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