Moment, the minimalist soundbar to replace all soundbars

Moment™: A case of less is more. Moment, the karaoke soundbar eliminates your need for others.

Moment  is the world’s first soundbar with an unlimited karaoke song library. Moment is elegant and compact  and at only 16″, it fits into any space. And most all, with its  DTS TruSurround™ technology, Moment is a karaoke machine that can replace all other soundbars in your home.

It is great for movies & gaming with DTS TruSurround™ technology.

Moment’s sound quality is excellent and, for example, surpasses many others’s sound quality by far. Moment offers virtual 5.1 using DTS TruSurround. However, Moment soundbar not only functions as an actual karaoke machine but also provides the listeners an excellent audio quality while measuring only 16”.

Moment with its minimalist 16” long wins in sound quality over many 40” long soundbars presently in the market.

Additionally, Moment soundbar at 16” long can also be used as a computer and TV speaker. So be it for watching your TV in the living room, bedroom, or on your computer desk, Moment will fit perfectly in a tight  space and unlike portable soundbar, it does so without having to compromise on the sound quality.

Moment’s technology focus on vocal sounds to not only enrich the karaoke experience but also offers the advantage of crystallizing voices and audio, all enhancing your movie watching enjoyment. This is an area where most soundbars fail.

At an age where most living spaces are often limited, it is extremely desirable to be able to replace two pieces of equipment for one. Moment is a compact and powerful soundbar for the user’s entire audio needs  that can also double up as a karaoke machine. All of this, without the messiness of cables and mixer/amplifier setup.

Go on: Express yourself with Moment.

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