The African-American Dating Experience

New book Chronicles The African American Dating Experience…And Explains Why Most Women Are Single. “The Price” now available for purchase

Antwuan Jackson recently released his very first self-published ebook, “The Price.”

 The ebook is a fictional memoir of sorts about the dating world and relationships, based on Jackson’s own personal experiences in the dating scene in Dallas and in Houston, where he previously lived. It is now available for purchase through Barnes and Noble and

 “When I began dating as an adult, I really began to open my eyes to the ways that men and women interact,” Jackson said. “Through some positive and negative experiences, I developed a keen insight into the mind of single men and women who are in the dating scene. This book draws on my many experiences in the dating world and will be both insightful and humorous for people who are currently living the single life.”

 The book draws on Jackson’s real-life experiences and places them in a fictional setting. It was inspired by a variety of issues that Jackson has dealt with in his time dating, including who gets framed as the “bad guy” in a relationship and how your dating experiences affect your relationships with other people.

 “This is a serious subject, but framed in an entertaining way,” said Jackson. “In my experience, everyone has someone that can make them lose their faith and trust. Every man and woman has their price. This book digs deep into that truth.”

The paperback version of the book is available at Jackson’s website, You may also follow Jackson on Twitter (@IAmAntwuan) and on Instagram (AntwuanJackson). Contact Jackson via phone or email for more information about the eBook.

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