Letter to Assignment Desk: Shall We Sing

Dear Assignment desk:

Shall we sing?  

Spear Logic inc. would like to give your Tech & Lifestyle reporter a product demo of Moment, its world’s first sound bar with  Karaoke & DTS TruSurround™ function in your  Bay area newsroom between September 13 and September 16. 

If those dates do not work for you, let me know which dates suit you best and we will accommodate you.

  •     World’s first soundbar with Karaoke & DTS TruSurround™ function.
  •     Elegant and compact at only 16″ – space everyone can afford.
  •     Unlimited karaoke song library – using apps like Smule, YouTube, Spotify.
  •     Works with any device – smartphones, tablets, computers, media players.
  •     No cable mess – Moment™ Sub & Microphone are all wireless.
  •     Plug & Play – no expert setup required.

My number is 415-933-2241. Let me know how we can make this happen.

Thank you,

Anne Howard, Tech PR


Plug and Play Karaoke sound bar with DTS TruSurround™ technologies brings out the performer in all of us, just in time for your Holiday Shopping planning.

Perfect item to add on to a gift list.

– With the holiday season soon approaching and party planning on the horizon, it is time to seize the moment, Moment™ that is. An elegant, compact, Plug and Play karaoke sound bar, this innovative invention makes karaoke simple and fun – the way it was intended to be, and it is yours to enjoy by joining our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on September 22.


How do I get this Karaoke sound bar?

 With the prototype for this karaoke dream machine in place, the next steps are manufacturing and finally distribution to all Karaoke aficionados. To jump start the music, Moment’s creators at Spear Logic, Inc. are launching an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on September 22.

Early backers of the Indiegogo campaign will receive Moment for only $199 (MSRP $399) as well as free shipping to all US, Canada, Singapore, and China addresses. The kit includes Moment Sub and a wireless microphone.  After the campaign, Moment will be available on various online retail platforms, such as Amazon.com and Indiegogo for $399.

Let’s talk holiday shopping list.

Appealingly, the initial shipment is planned for November 2015, just in time for the holidays. So add it to your preferred gifting list by backing the Indiegogo campaign.

Moment Sound from Moment Sound on Vimeo.

 How did it all start?

While standard karaoke machines are plagued by limited song availability as well as overly complex technical components, Moment’s goal was straightforward: keep karaoke fun and simple like it was originally intended to be, without all the fuss and hassle.

Created by Spear Logic Inc., owned by AC Ryan Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd, Moment offers excellent audio quality and supports copious music sources with its multitude of connectivity input options.

Lewis Goh, company founder and CEO said,  “We set out designing Moment to be plug and play, so anyone can set it up at home without an ‘expert’ or technician.”

Its intuitive interface offers access to voice and media input volume controls, so you can easily adjust volumes of your voice, and that of the backing tracks to your liking.” Lewis adds, “Switching between the different input sources is similarly a breeze.

Furthermore, co-founder Jianyuan Chen said, “ When you are not singing, Moment also comes with a wireless subwoofer along with DTS TruSurround technologies, enhancing your home movie and television experience, replacing the need for additional equipment.”

What to expect?

 Easy installation setup and well-thought-out stability compatibility with various apps were also a key concern for Spear Logic while designing Moment. “Backers and our users can expect a hassle free installation and to enjoy non-stop karaoke fun – it’s going to be addictive,” Goh Lewis says.

 Meet the team.

The talents behind Moment includes founder, Lewis Goh, a veteran in  IT and CE who has held various leadership positions over his fifteen-year stint in the industry.

Co-founder Jianyuan Chen offers over seven years of consumer electronics, software and web product development experience combined. His previous work includes projects with AC Ryan, Apple, and LucasArts.

Lead designer Mark Tabique has over five years experience specializing in industrial design, product concept, and UI design.

Chief engineer Edward Wang is an engineering prodigy who brings over fifteen years of hardware and software experience to the team.

Background: The market.

 With the global karaoke market currently estimated at a worth of nearly $1 billion, the arrival of this genuinely fun and easy to operate karaoke sound bar system is perfectly timed.

Furthermore, there has been a shift in the karaoke industry. Karaoke fans away from karaoke bars and into the comfort of their homes. According to IBISWorld Industry Analyst Stephen Hoopes, “Largely due to technological advancements, there is currently an array of video game and internet-based karaoke bar substitutes.” Meanwhile, bars and other entertainment venues throughout the U.S. and Canada are seeking to replace cumbersome, aging machines with compact, high-tech models themselves.

So, get ready to raise your voices the Moment karaoke sound bar.


Join Moment’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign on September 22 and redefine karaoke.

 Source: IBISWorld report, 



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