Automotive OEMs and suppliers to learn about latest drive to tackle porosity in cast metal components

Automotive OEMs and suppliers will hear about the latest innovation to solve the problem of porosity – microscopic parts in cast metal parts – when they attend Engine Expo North America 2015 in Novi, Michigan.

Ultraseal America will explain how its new R-FL-Duplex Plus machine is set to transform casting impregnation with its small factory footprint, increased throughput and revolutionary two-stage process.

Fully automated with robotics, the machine is ideally suited to single part processing of automotive components such as engine blocks and is readily integrated into a modern just-in-time (JIT) production line.

Its modular design is already exciting interest as it can easily be scaled up to achieve a throughput of up to 45 units per hour simply by adding extra modules to suit requirements.

Ultraseal America will be present at Hall A, Stand E199 at the exhibition in the Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi, MI, from October 20-22 to showcase the latest in its long line of innovations in casting impregnation technology.

One of the perennial problems facing powertrain manufacturers is that components manufactured out of cast metals are prone to porosity – microscopic holes within a casting that can cause a part to leak.

Obviously this is a major flaw for many cast automotive parts and Ultraseal America has a long history of finding reliable and permanent solutions to the problem of porosity, the latest being the R-FL-Duplex Plus.

Bob Remler, VP Sales, Ultraseal America Inc., said: “Casting impregnation is widely used as a routine qualtiy enhancement because no manufacturer wants to be facing onerous compensation claims or a product recall because of a leaking part.

“Indeed the process is so effective that many Formula One racing teams use it on a wide range of components, and especially for engine blocks.

“The R-FL-Duplex Plus machine makes it even easier for manufacturers to integrate the process into their production lines, ensuring cast metal components remain leak-free and fit for purpose.

“It will truly transform casting impregnation.”

With its full automation, the R-FL-Duplex Plus machine eliminates manual handling of parts and it requires minimal downtime for maintenance, thus reducing running costs. All of the water from the process is automatically recycled.

The machine works with Ultraseal’s global benchmark recycling sealant Rexeal 100, giving customers all of the benefits of Ultraseal’s recycling technology with the added advantage of increased throughput.

Automotive parts that are routinely impregnated include cylinder heads, cam carriers, cam covers, fuel pumps, fuel rails, heads, inlet and fuel system components, oil pans, oil sumps, thermostat housing, timing chain covers, torque converter case/bell housings, transmission cases, pump castings and valve body castings, turbo chargers and water pumps.

Ultraseal America is a renowned pioneer of the design of both vacuum impregnation equipment and porosity sealants. Its parent company, Ultraseal International, based in Coventry, UK, has joint ventures in China and India, a job-processing shop Germany, an office in Japan and a network of 22 agents/distributors around the world.

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