Dynamic Blending Specialists, LLC Kicks Off an Indiegogo, Inc. Crowdfunding Campaign

Dynamic Blending Specialists (DBS) a cosmetic formula development and private label manufacturing company, today announced the launch of an Indiegogo, Inc. crowdfunding campaign.

Indiegogo is one of the top crowdfunding sites welcoming all areas of crowdfunding, not limiting to new product funding only. Through Indiegogo, DBS hopes to raise $50,000 to purchase new laboratory equipment and move into a new laboratory space that is bigger and more accommodating. As part of donating to this campaign, donors will have the options to choose one of three perks. The highest value being a 50% discount on all services if the donor wants to develop a product.

Dynamic Blending Specialists Director of R&D, Steve Wilson, stated, “Our company has seen many great growth opportunities this year, but it has proven challenging to complete them all. We have a huge opportunity in the natural cosmetics market. The new equipment and lab space will allow us to continue to push our efforts towards natural cosmetics.” DBS has been urging their clients to explore natural ingredients in their cosmetics to try to get away from the harsh ingredients in most cosmetic products.

Since the beginning of the year, DBS has completed 23 natural cosmetic projects ranging from shampoo to mouthwash. According to Toiletries & Cosmetics, the demand for organic personal care products is expected to reach $13.2 billion by the year 2018, up from $7.6 billion in 2012.

There is no shortage of work when it comes to cosmetic formula development. DBS states that they receive at least 10-13 leads for cosmetic formula development on a daily basis. DBS has said that that they are in need of more cosmetic chemists as well to help take on the work load. The funds raised from Indiegogo will also help hire additional cosmetic chemists. By doing this they will be able to develop innovative new natural products that could very well end up in your neighborhood Whole Foods. 

For more information or to donate please visit https://goo.gl/so5Eki .

Contact: Steve Wilson, Director of R&D

Phone: (801) 441-6140

Email: info@dynamicblending.com

Website: https://dynamicblending.com 

South Jordan, UT 84095 

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