Portable Road Weather Information System (RWIS) Available

Digital Traffic Systems, Inc. of Ashland, Virginia, announces the nationwide availability of a rapidly deployable portable remote sensing platform that is based upon years of qualification and operation under demanding high reliability performance standards.  The system provides a rapidly deployable Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) for key transportation weather data requirements as well as Video and Traffic Data Collection.  The portable platform can be customized to meet specific customer’s needs.   Current applications are rapid deployment of RWIS to augment existing networks, Special Event Monitoring, Emergency Management, Construction and Installation Assessments, Work Zone Monitoring, and Traffic Data Collection.  Service offerings include short and long term equipment leases, data as a service for deployed units, including data collection and distribution, as well as providing customized units.  Essential to the platform is the DTS designed integrated trailer platform that includes solar power, a back-up power generation system including a built-in AC charger, and cloud based data delivery for critical applications.


“This System has delivered exceptional performance, reliability and flexibility to agencies for over five (5) years, (commented Peter Keen, President of Digital Traffic Systems.) “This service provides our DOT operations customers with the ability to rapidly deploy critical sensor systems where they need them, when they need them, to supplement existing networks or while waiting for a design, permit, build, install process to complete.”


Many uses for these trailer based systems include: temporary seasonal deployment at key transportation points, filling in RWIS networks in a flexible manner, temporary replacement of sites while undergoing repair and/or replacement, pre-evaluation of potential permanent installation sites as well as other applications where weather observations are a key factor in transportation decisions.


For more information, interested parties are invited to visit www.portableRWIS.com  or contact the company directly at (855) 328-2487.

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