Publish your press release to 100 digital business news site for $59

Your press release to be featured on at least 100 major news affiliates, Google and Bing News for only $59.

Did you know that RushPRnews published its first press release in March 2005? Yes, it has been that long already. And so much has changed since that first post.

As part of  RushPRnews’ 10th anniversary, it is again undergoing significant changes and updates. Today, we deployed the first phase of new services and packages, including a guaranteed that all press releases published at RushPRNews are to be featured on at least 100 digital business news site. Excellent media pickup! Basic package at $59.

Your release will get a lot more exposure, better search engine results page (SERP) and as a direct result, increase your brand visibility, awareness and bottom line.

For added value, select  Digital News Sites +Targeted News outlet Broadcast + High Level Social Media” package includes a broadcast (via email) to Canadian news outlets, African-American and Hispanic newsrooms.

View the Directory. That broadcast package is priced at $135. These broadcasts are C-SPAM compliant and all news subscribers has agreed to receive our mailing as a news tip.

The new packages come with a favorable clipping report conveniently packaged to share with your clients or colleagues.

If you have any questions, kindly email us news at


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