Dropout announces new website for 2015

The Dropout team are proud to announce the launch of our brand new website. To accompany our rapid growth over the last few years, we have given our online presence a complete overhaul with an entirely new design and numerous new features.

With a clear, modern feel and an easy-to-navigate layout designed by SUGR, our new website is the perfect platform for visitors to find all the information they need about our ISO 12500 certified compressed air filters. Full product explanations provide a comprehensive overview of how the Dropout system works, how to use it, and its applications.

For the first time, Dropout compressed air filters can now be purchased online. Visitors can find the ideal air filter for their needs through the easy-to use product search, with details available on every item in our range – including in-depth technical data, video demonstrations, and downloads available for each compressed air filter.

Comprehensive FAQs have been prepared to provide easily accessible answers to most queries regarding Dropout’s operation and benefits, along with the importance of compressed air itself. We’ve also created an interactive world map to showcase our global network of distributors, providing full details for customers in the UK, Europe, USA, Oceania and South Africa to find their nearest supplier.

The new Dropout website makes it easier for visitors to connect with us than ever before.

Visit our new site at: www.dropouttechnology.com

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