The American radio host, Ed Tyll issues death threat, alleges a French-Canadian publisher

On June 5, the controversial radio host, Edward Tyll, made death threats against the French-Canadian publisher alleges Guy Boulianne (founder of Editions Dedicaces). The alleged threats aired on the American radio The Ed Tyll Show. The Canadian publisher had hired Mr. Tyll from the platform to interview one of his authors residing in Ireland. During the 15 minutes that preceded the interview, Ed Tyll threw his venom on the publisher, shamelessly lying about him and defaming him in the public arena. Mr Tyll went so far as to convince his listeners that the publisher was in the New York studio and was harassing the radio host, while Mr. Boulianne was, in fact, in Montreal, Canada, at that precise moment.

Without any reason Ed Tyll threw his aggressiveness against Mr. Boulianne, saying on the air: « I’ll cancel it. Should I? No, because I won’t do that to the author. But you, I want to strangle you with my own hands. I’ll come to the office where you are and I will strangle you with my own hands. » He continued further on : « One week from today I’m gona be at the National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts. I will take a selfie with your corps and walk all over the place and say “Look who I killed last week on my show”. We will have a good laugh over you. (…) Get the fuck out of here! Why you are here?! The longer I can see you, the more I want to kill you! » Although he did not name Guy Boulianne on the air, the evidence is that these words of extraordinary violence address directly to the Canadian publisher.

Guy Boulianne is the founder and leader of Editions Dedicaces. Founded in 2009 in Montreal, this publishing house has an excellent reputation internationally. The publishing house publishes authors from several countries, including France, Switzerland, Belgium, Serbia, England, Ireland, Argentina, the Republic of Congo, the United States and Canada. In 2014, a company branch was created in Delaware to extend its activities in the English market. The Editions Dedicaces books were recently presented at Bookexpo America, in New York.

A formal complaint was filed against the radio host Ed Tyll at the Satellite Beach Florida Police and Montreal, Canada Police. A prosecution is not excluded. You can see and hear the hateful remarks of Ed Tyll on his own Ustream account:


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