Israel’s Start Tel Aviv offers global opportunity for Canadian tech startups

Israel’s Start Tel Aviv offers global opportunity for Canadian tech startups

The Embassy of Israel and Startup Canada are searching for Canada’s top ICT startup to represent Canada in Tel Aviv this fall as part of Start Tel Aviv, a global competition. The competition is open to startup founders of web or mobile companies currently in the seed-stage of development.

The winner will receive an intense, all-expense-paid, five-day startup experience in Tel Aviv, which was recently selected by Bloomberg as the second best place for startups after Silicon Valley. Not only will the winner, who must be between the ages of 25 and 40, have the opportunity to network with the founders of 23 other startups from around the world, but they will also be immersed in Israel’s world-renowned technology and innovation scenes.

“Israel is known as the startup nation,” said Ambassador Rafael Barak. “This contest will help overcome geographic distance and strengthen the ties between Canada’s burgeoning startup community and its Israeli counterparts.”

Bilateral relations between Israel and Canada have been at an all-time high and this has included increased links between the two countries’ technology and innovation sectors. The adjudication committee reflects some of these linkages with the inclusion of James Mackey of Blackberry Ltd., which recently purchased the Israeli file-sharing company Watchdox. Vancouver-based Israeli entrepreneur Ronen Tanne is also on the adjudication committee.

“As entrepreneurs need access to global markets, investors, and networks beyond Canada to scale, the Start Tel Aviv Competition provides an excellent opportunity for Canadian tech startups to access and leverage the Israeli ecosystem, while showcasing Canada’s best,” said Startup Canada CEO Victoria Lennox. “The world needs more Canada!”

Applications will be accepted until May 31, 2015.

For more information, contact:

Howard Fremeth

Director of Communications, Embassy of Israel


Kathryn Forrest

Communications & Marketing Manager, Startup Canada

1-844-782-7801 ext. 106

About The Embassy of Israel in Canada

Celebrating 66 years of diplomatic ties, the Canada-Israel relationship is rooted in shared democratic values and common interests.  The warm relations and close people-to-people connections provide fertile ground for the Embassy to promote greater partnerships, economic growth and friendship between the State of Israel and Canada.  Based in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook or connect with us at

About Startup Canada

Startup Canada is a grassroots, entrepreneur-led movement founded in May 2012 that has become the most recognized, energized and active entrepreneurship organization in Canada. Startup Canada’s programs have mentored more than 20,000 Canadians, grown to represent more than 80,000 entrepreneurs, and increased entrepreneurial momentum, wealth and jobs in Canada while promoting Canada’s diversified economy and high quality of life.

Startup Canada is recognized globally as the benchmark for fuelling grassroots entrepreneurship. It has educated the leaders of peer organizations in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, South Korea, South America and the United States.


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