Opportunistic Brand Savvy Investors set to snap up Stackcap Patent

Business savvy investors welcomed an exciting opportunity this week with the announcement that the latest ultra-innovative Groovy Cap patent also referred to as the high-speed manufacturing Stackcap is going up for sale. Developed by UK based innovation company Smooth HIP LTD, the pioneering new product is a next generation soda cap design with powerful marketing potential for water and soda brands that has a unique reuse potential.

The concept essentially involves a vision of a second life for conventional PET bottle closures. Rather than being recycled or disposed of, Smooth HIP LTD is proposing that bottle caps be used as a dynamic tool for building toys or other artistic shapes. The product is the first of its kind to infiltrate the soda industry and is a fantastic chance for business minded groups and individuals to jump on-board and be a part of the Stackcap buzz.

Smooth HIP LTD Managing Director Arno Rabie said, “Bericap GmbH Germany – one of the global giant closure manufacturer plants internationally that saw the potential –  is a closure supplier to the big brands like DANONE, Coca Cola and Pepsi that got on board and has refined it for high-speed manufacture  that in 2013 alone manufactured 66 billion closures, has just made it known in one of their latest press releases they have introduced groovy cap as ‘stackcap’ to their closure collection.”

The patent covers a huge 48 countries including Europe, China, Russia, India South America and the USA. This represents incredible opportunities for global expansion and the potential to easily tap into lucrative international markets.

The group has confirmed that the product can be manufactured close to the normal price of standard soda closures. This gives it instant appeal and represents opportunities for cast-iron profits. Smooth HIP limited will be considering patent bids on the Stackcap by 28 February for a final decision by March 31 2015 for their new product re-investments.

Arno Rabie added, “We believe the upcoming sale is a great opportunity that also gives one brand a full market advantage.  Billions of closures are manufactured for the market and we are aiming to offer brands an innovative solution with the potential to drive profits, encourage customer loyalty and increase brand visibility.”

The global soda industry generates billions of pounds worth of profit yet remains relatively untapped when it comes to innovative ideas for closure caps. Smooth HIP LTD is set to shake up the listless market with its cool and quirky Groovy Cap concept. According to Rabie the process stimulates creative play at a low cost that encourages sales and consumer loyalty. 

What really sets Groovy Cap apart from its competitors is the emphasis that engineers have placed on reusability to just a recycle policy, Smooth HIP LTD has introduced the idea of giving closures a new perceived value, a second life and dual purpose. Thanks to the use of a grooved design individual units can be stacked or assembled side-by-side to build unique new creations. Designs could take on the form of anything from spaceships and cars to animals and sports equipment. Uses could encompass anything from games and art to education and personal hobbies. When combined with marketing campaigns and advertising strategies this dynamic approach to soda bottle closures could represent colossal profit opportunities in this changing world.  

Already StackCap has caught the attention of top industry publishers such as ‘Injection World Magazine’ and ‘Plastics in Packaging.’ The latest issues featured detailed overviews of the ground-breaking new product as well as exclusive interviews with Smooth HIP LTD inventor and managing director, Arno Rabie.

He added, “In designing the cap we have considered an array of factors, including challenges of economies and scale and manufacture cost. Significantly the Stackcap already complies to all the big brand specifications required for their closures with just an incredible 0.4 grams difference as manufactured by Bericap. Additionally, it keeps within the PE reducing objective for the whole soda container when transferring to a short cap, so it also assists in green legislation policies in some regions.”

To find out more about Smooth HIP LTD and the company behind the ultra-innovative Groovy Cap visit the website at: www.smoothhip.com

Please direct press queries to Jade Cayton at Dakota Digital. Email jade@dakotadigital.co.uk or Tel: 01623 428996 opt 3.

About Smooth HIP LTD: Based in the UK, Smooth HIP LTD is a forward thinking innovation and patenting company. The group has pioneered the StackCap patent which is set to go up for sale next week.

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