Mobilize Raises $1.2M to Build the First Enterprise Solution for Mobilizing External Stakeholders

With Uber, Google, and Intuit as early adopters, Mobilize is building a community management solution specifically designed to manage and engage external workforces and contributors in the new economy

Today Mobilize is announcing that it has raised $1.2 million in seed funding. The round was led by Hillsven Capital, with participation from UpWest Labs and Eddy Shalev. The funding will be used to grow the team, accelerate product development, and continue supporting the company’s beta customers.

In recent years, there has been a major shift in how businesses work, build, and depend on external communities to succeed — from sharing economy companies and their thousands of freelancers, to two-sided marketplaces, to developer relations programs. Mobilize, which is based in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, has developed a comprehensive solution to help businesses effectively engage, rally and coordinate these key external stakeholders.

Managing external communities requires much more than social media and email blasts — and using spreadsheets, registration forms, forums, and mailing lists quickly becomes overwhelming at scale. Mobilize is excited to be the first company to offer a professional cloud-based platform that combines member directory, groups, communications tools, and engagement analytics. The Mobilize platform is useful across a wide variety of organizations, including programs and fellowships, shared economy companies, VCs and accelerators, co-working spaces, developer groups, and volunteer-based organizations.

“We see our work at Mobilize as a monumental opportunity to offer the first solution that targets a new kind of community. While most of the solutions out there revolve around customer management or internal team collaboration, there is a serious need for a solution to help in mobilizing and engaging external freelancers, participants, contributors, and stakeholders who are close to a company and key to that company’s success,” said Sharon Savariego, CEO and Co-Founder of Mobilize.


Mobilize introduced its platform in private beta earlier this year, and has already added marquee customers such as Google, Uber and Intuit, among many others.  The company is now working closely with these beta customers to prepare the platform for a public launch in 2015. During its beta, the platform has proven to be extremely effective, increasing engagement and retention for its customers’ communities.


“Seeing the challenges our portfolio companies in the sharing economy and marketplace industries had in managing their supply-side communities, we immediately understood the business opportunity of such a solution. We were very impressed with the traction Mobilize has already achieved, all by word of mouth,” said Bobby Lent, Managing Partner at Hillsven Capital.

The company is growing quickly and is now actively looking for additions to its outstanding team, led by Sharon Savariego as CEO, Arthur Vainer as CTO,  and Dori Dembinsky as Software Architect. Mobilize is seeking product managers and marketers for its San Francisco office, and developers in Tel Aviv. To learn more about Mobilize and view open positions, please  

About Mobilize

Mobilize is the first community management platform designed to help businesses mobilize members, freelancers, and any external stakeholders into action. The platform covers the entire span of community management – from member registration, database management, to a complete communication toolbox together with robust analytics. Among our customers are Uber, Intuit, Google Developer Relations, CODE2040, Thiel Fellowship and more.



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