Coffee With Dr. Stewart

A brother and sister bring an exciting new medical radio show to Austin, Texas. Former neurosurgeon, Dr. Kendal Stewart, and his younger sister, CEO of Neurobiologix Nutrition, Kara Stewart, bring Coffee With Dr. Stewart. With Dr. Stewart being a leading specialist in Autism, ADD/ADHD, learning disorders, concussion recovery to other neuro-immune issues, this show provides information to the public who may not have the ability to travel to Texas for an appointment. With a waiting list of over 9 months, Kara Stewart interviews her brother on topics from his personal medical background to ADD, cancer, viruses, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, genetic testing and much more.

With over 30,000 listeners in only 9 weeks, this show has proven to be one of kind. The openness they provide from their own family losing loved ones to depression, their brother to brain cancer, and the host, Kara Stewart, sharing her own struggles with anxiety, depression and insomnia, brings a special bond between siblings and help for others out their looking for support they cannot find from traditional medicine.

“If I had not made my way back to Texas and my brother, it is very likely that I may not be here today.” Host – Kara Stewart

Dr. Stewart’s choice to leave surgery back in 2002 has led him on a path of recovering his patients on what he termed “neuro-immune syndromes”. His vast knowledge from training at MD Anderson to helping thousands of patients, he is considered a top expert in the field of neurological and immune system issues and nutritional therapy.

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