Arki Kickstarter reaches $100K target in 13 days

One step closer to a walking revolution

The kickstarter campaign for Zikto’s Arki: Your Walking Coach has surpassed its initial target of $100,000 just 13 days after its  November 11 launch. 490 backers have shown their support for the revolutionary new wearable technology, assuring its global release in Spring 2015.

Arki’s creators, Los Angeles- and Seoul-based startup Zikto, are delighted with the result. “We have verified that there is a sizeable market demand for our device all over the world,” Zikto’s Product Manager, Brian Kim, observed. “Based on backer information, we received pledges from 37 different countries. The interest comes from Arki doing so much than our competition.Arki does not stop at counting  steps and measure sleep.”

Arki takes wearable fitness technology one step further. First-generation fitness wearables track the quantity of users’ movement, serving the valuable purpose of getting people moving. Arki, however, tracks not only the quantity but the quality of movement. Arki uses machine learning technology to analyze users’ walking posture, detecting poor walking habits that may lead to negative health consequences. Real-time haptic feedback provides the user with immediate reminders to maintain good walking posture, and data is gathered and analyzed using a smartphone app which provides a Sound Walking Score. Arki’s Body Balance Analysis function offers a simple way to identify physical imbalances: by swapping the Arki wristband from left wrist to right or vice versa once a week or month, Arki gathers data from both arms and highlights imbalances on a personalized body map. Arki will even suggest personalized exercises, as recommended by top fitness professionals, to aid users in restoring balance to the body. Arki is, in addition, a fully functional fitness tracker and has biometric authentication capabilities.

Currently, Zikto possess six patents, two design patents and one trademark for Arki. Initial funding for development of this exciting concept was obtained through several competition wins in their native South Korea. Zikto have recently represented South Korea at the 2014 Creative Business Cup in Denmark, as well as attending the Startup Nations Summit where they exhibited the Arki technology. The company has confirmed they will attend SXSW 2015 and plan to attend other industry events as schedule permits.

When asked ‘What’s next for Zikto?’ Product Manager Brian Kim was quick to point out that the $100,000 funding goal was only their first target. Based on feedback from backers, Zikto will soon announce a number of stretch goals for their Kickstarter campaign. Extended funding will allow Zikto to collaborate with a top wearable ODM to refine Arki’s already sleek and attractive design. Post-Kickstarter, preorders for Arki will be available via Zikto’s website; however, backers are urged to take advantage of the special Kickstarter pricing options as the price will increase after the campaign.

Zikto’s Arki: Your Walking Coach Kickstarter campaign runs until December 22.


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