Arki: Hot New Wearable Tech Setting a Cracking Pace on Kickstarter

Update for November 21: 412 Backers $90,034 pledged of $100,000 goal with 30 days to go.

Kickstarter moving at a fast pace!

Barely two days after launching their Kickstarter (, wearable tech startup Zikto‘s Arki launch is already more than sixty percent to goal with at the time of going to press $60,916 funded of its $100,000 target.

The Los Angeles- and Seoul-based startup won funding in several competitions to develop Arki’s game-changing technology, and the early Kickstarter  success is a further vote of confidence in this exciting health and fitness innovation.

Fix the fundamentals for optimal health

Arki’s unique promise is that this sleek, stylish wristband will help you fix the way you walk toward a healthier step.

Walking is the easiest, safest form of exercise for maintaining bone and joint health, controlling your weight and and improving your cholesterol, blood sugar control and more. And it’s an innate skill that most of us learn with ease. However, for a variety of reasons we’re slipping into bad walking habits and putting our health at risk.

Poor walking habits include looking down, slouching shoulders, letting arms hang by our sides and stomping along with a heavy stride. Looking down at smartphones is one big distraction from healthy walking posture; our increasingly stressful and sedentary lifestyles also influence the way we move. Bad walking can lead to bad health, as muscles, nerves, joints and more are affected. Knee pain is a common sign that you’re not walking right, and pain and damage to the hips and spine, tight muscles, numbness, tingling and more can be experienced.

Arki will make restoring good walking habits simple. The compact wristband measures arm swing, transferred vibration from the feet, and rotation angle at the shoulder and provides immediate haptic feedback, to alert the user to poor habits and remind them to resume good walking posture, and further detailed feedback and personal coaching via a smartphone app.

Fitness coach and fashion accessory in one

Imagine how good it feels to walk tall, strong, smoothly and confidently. Arki is your personal walking coach right on your wrist. A stylish, full-featured one too: not only tracking your body mechanics and retraining you to optimise your walk for health and vitality, Arki is a fully equipped activity tracker. A variety of straps are available to mix and match with the sleek Arki unit, which is set to be available in black, dark grey and silver. Choose from modern rubber, classic leather or a high-fashion handcrafted MOREE WISH bracelet – options to match all your work, casual and active wear so Arki fits seamlessly into your life.

With 37 days of  campaign remaining, success looks assured for Arki’s 2015 launch. Savvy backers will jump at the opportunity to be among the first in the world to ‘walk with Arki’. Several affordable options are available to get your hands on this groundbreaking wearable tech; visit Zikto’s Arki Kickstarter to learn more. 


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