Modern Casting Impregnation helps automakers to avoid warranty claims on engines

Automakers can save money and avoid costly warranty claims if they use Vacuum Impregnation with porosity sealants as a routine quality enhancement, Engine Expo North America has heard.

Bob Remler, VP Sales, Ultraseal America Inc., told an audience of powertrain engineers and industry experts that there was a sound economic case for using the process on parts, such as engine blocks, that have to remain leak-free.

With warranties as long as five and seven years now becoming common, automakers are at greater risk of facing big repair or replacement bills if a part such as an engine or compressor fails within the warranty period.

One of the significant reasons that would cause an engine block, cylinder head, fuel pump or turbo charger to leak is porosity – the tiny holes in a cast metal component which form during the diecasting process itself.

Mr Remler explained to the Open Technology Forum at the exhibition at Novi, MI, that routine Vacuum Impregnation with porosity sealants was not only a reliable and permanent solution to porosity but it was also highly cost-effective.

“The cost of scrapping a fully-machined engine block which fails a pressure-test is about 10 times higher than the cost of vacuum impregnation with porosity sealant in the first place,” explained Mr Remler after the session.

“And that is before you factor in the risk of facing claims under extended warranties. More and more automakers are electing to use routine vacuum impregnation because it gives them peace of mind that parts will remain leak-free.

“Incorporating vacuum impregnation with porosity sealants into a modern, just-in-time production line is straightforward with the fully-automatic front-loading machines that are available today.”

Vacuum impregnation technology is used by Formula One motor racing teams for many parts including engines. In regular automotive production many parts are now routinely vacuum impregnated, including cylinder heads, cam carriers, cam covers, fuel pumps, fuel rails, heads, inlet and fuel system components, oil pans, oil sumps, thermostat housings, timing chain covers, torque converter case / bell housings, transmission cases, pump castings and value body castings, turbo chargers and water pumps.

Ultraseal manufactures a range of Vacuum Impregnation equipment including fully-automatic, front-loading machinery. Its recycling porosity sealants, Ultraseal MX2™ amd Rexeal 100™ are both certified to US Military specification MIL-I-17563C (Class 1 and 3). Rexeal 100™ is a global benchmark product.

The company has a truly global presence and a host of approvals from automotive OEM and Tier One suppliers around the world. It sells into 35 countries and has Joint Ventures in China and India, an office in Japan and a job processing shop in Germany as well as its operation in the United States, which is based in Ann Arbor, MI.

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