XCEL Professional Services Has Made a Huge Change to Move Our Company Forward

Introducing Rob Hay: The New President of XCEL Professional Services!

XCEL Professional Services has made some significant changes to our internal structure lately, and we’re thrilled to announce one of the most prevalent changes: Colin Knox, President at XCEL Professional Services, has stepped back into a chairman role, in order to better focus on Passportal, our MSP password management business.

So who’s stepping up and taking his place? We’re proud to introduce an IT solution provider and managed services veteran, Rob Hay. Rob is the former Co-Founder and President at IT Matters, and as of November 3rd, 2014, President at XCEL Professional Services!

Colin expressed his excitement, “It gives me comfort to know that the company has the right person to lead it forward and it gives me the opportunity to, with confidence, step away from the day-to-day operations and focus on our other company. Plus, our clients will still receive a continuous, high level of service and quality deliverables.”

As always, any business decision requires a substantial amount of time and thought to make a well-informed decision. So what makes Rob Hay the right person to lead XCEL Professional Services forward? Here’s a few key factors that attributed to our decision:

  • A new perspective, a fresh outlook & a great fit for our corporate culture: As a new perspective and a fresh outlook is ALWAYS great for businesses of all types and sizes; many of our ownership group and team members already trust and respect him, he’s a perfect fit for our corporate culture.
  • Previous experience as a leader, strategic consultant, and business analyst: As he’s been a great leader, strategic consultant, and business analyst, he has the right experience to truly understand what makes us unique, what makes us successful, and what can be improved to take us to the next level.
  • A proven business acumen and the ability to successfully grow a business: As someone who’s helped many businesses grow and reach their fullest potential through effective planning, strategy, and action, he knows how to take what we have, understand where we need to be, and create a strategy to get us there.

Rob spoke about his past experience, “This is my 5th generation of working with a small business in the IT world, I feel very comfortable walking into a situation where I’ve been 4 times before and I have no problem picking up the reigns where it’s at because of my past experience. It’s exciting to step into a company that’s already there and face the challenge of getting them to the next level!”

He continued, “We’re in the people business, although it’s IT, people are our resource. I look forward to meeting with every single employee to find out what they’re passionate about, what they’re good at, and evaluate where our skill sets are to move forward. I love solving puzzles and IT is a constant puzzle, it’s always changing – and I love working with people, whether it’s our coworkers, clients, and vendors.

Interested in learning more? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 403.980.8032 or send us an email at info@xpsl.ca. XCEL Professional Services is the leading IT support company for businesses in Calgary and Edmonton, AB

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