Cody Bollerman Digital Poised To Shake Things Up In The Business Consulting And Digital Marketing Sectors


– From pre-production SEO and lead generation tactics to web development and user experience strategies, the brainchild of digital media consultant Cody J. Bollerman exudes an “obsessive desire” to serve its clients.

  Expert digital media consultant Cody J. Bollerman has launched Cody Bollerman Digital (, a business consulting and digital marketing agency based in San Diego, California. Amongst the multitude of digital marketing services offered by Cody Bollerman Digital are pre-production SEO (Search Engine Optimization), technical SEO, lead generation, web development and user experience implementation. According to Bollerman, his new agency is more effective than other consulting services because of an “obsessive desire” to serve his clients and their businesses, in addition to offering one “transparent, accountable” source.

“I am a consultant here for one reason – a virtually uncontrollable desire to bring value and success to my clients,”explains Bollerman. “We do not like hiding behind a team; rather, we enjoy tackling challenges and engaging in intimate working relationships with our clients while valuing time as a commodity. The Cody Bollerman Digital experience begins by outlining a campaign from start to finish and evolves to include reporting on our progress and success – while also providing full transparency with regard to any hiccups we may encounter along the way. Through nimble and flexible approaches, we win ‘online real estate’ for our clients; tactics otherwise limiting our competitors because of agency production guidelines or lack of innovation.” 

With a specialization in Search Engine Optimization tactics but also offering auditing and WordPress strategy and development, Cody Bollerman Digital has worked with a plethora of noted firms including Accubuild, MetaboUP Plus, Original Watermen, LOCBIT and ALERIAN MLP. Through what he calls a “unique experience,” Bollerman works tirelessly to provide a customized strategy for such clients that is e-commerce-driven, data-focused, versatile and adaptive.

“The best option for SEO consulting – our primary specialty – is to hire an expert who understands a broad realm of aspects,” explains Bollerman. “These include HTML/code language, social media integration, metrics and experience with search engines. It is vital that a consultant or agency understand the big picture here, and Cody Bollerman boasts the necessary experience to visualize that larger picture so that clients don’t get stuck in 2008 SEO strategies.”

According to Bollerman, understanding that organic rankings never truly represent an element that can be controlled is the first truth every organization or business owner must confront. Further, experience with algorithm changes and a multitude of various platforms such as custom HTML, WordPress, Drupal, and Magento should be the first step in filtering through agencies or consultants to use for an SEO campaign. 

Cody Bollerman Digital’s lead generation strategies are specially designed to create optimum landing pages and paid advertising to bring in targeted leads, while the firm’s web development services build custom CMS-built websites to showcase clients’ brands and portfolios while also engaging prospects. In the area of user experience, Cody Bollerman Digital implements Conversion Rate Optimization testing to increase clients’ bottom lines if they already experience a steady rate of traffic but have noticed a decline in revenue.

“I am the type of person who realizes time is a precious commodity that should be utilized for results or action as opposed to a sales process or false interaction,” concludes Bollerman. “I love challenges and growing businesses online, pushing myself each and every day to learn amidst the dynamic environment of the Internet. In putting myself in the client’s chair, I treat my strategies with 100-percent ownership, cost-efficiency and a focus on the bottom line that ultimately brings in revenue.”

Cody Bollerman Digital can be reached by calling (619) 788-9795. For more information visit

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