Ultraseal International aiming for hat-trick

Ultraseal International, a global leader in finding solutions to porosity in cast metal parts, is in the running for a third export award this year.

The Coventry-based company, which exports to more than 35 countries around the world, is in the finals of the Birmingham Post Business Awards in the Exporter of the Year category.

It is up against computer security solutions specialist Titania Limited, of Worcester, and Birmingham-based car parts supplier David Manners Group.

Stephen Hynes, Marketing Director of Ultraseal, said: “We are delighted to have been shortlisted for the Birmingham Post Business Awards. Reaching the finals is an accolade we have achieved thanks to the hard work and determination of everybody working for Ultraseal International.”

As a company whose customers are almost exclusively in the automotive supply chain, Ultraseal International rose to the challenge when global economic dynamics led to these customers relocating operations abroad.

Now exports account for 98% of its sales, and it has truly global reach, with Joint Ventures in China and India, an operation in the United States, an office in Japan, a job processing shop in Germany and a network of 22 agents/distributors around the world.

The company manufactures Vacuum Impregnation equipment and porosity sealants that together offer a reliable and permanent solution to the problem of porosity – tiny holes which form during the casting process – in cast metal parts. These can cause serious problems in automotive parts such as engines and compressors which need to remain leak-free under pressure.

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