Empirical Foresights is building EconKBase – An economic insights database (a non-profit initiative)

The global research and adivsory firm Empirical Foresights announced today that it is building a database of economic insights for public sector, private companies and others to use. This non-profit initative is named EconKBase (for Economics Knowledge-base) and will be accessible through www.econkbase.com 

The plan is to build a repository of information resources related to government & institutions, finance & business and economics. 

“Economists are often blamed for not providing clear answers or for not working on issues that are important.” said Abhay Gupta, Chief Economist. “With EconKBase, we plan to provide a platform for people to decide what issues are important to them and for expert to provide their views on those issues. Our focus will be on implmentation and objective aspects of potential solutions to important global problems. We hope that both sides will participate actively in this initiative; the public and businesses and the expert & research community. Our intent is for this to be used as a forum where consensus emerges through dialogues & discussion rather than a platform for just spreading an already established ideas.”

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