Plastic Mobile Recognized as Leading Employer in Ontario

Plastic Mobile, Canada’s most awarded mobile agency, was recognized by Minister Michael Coteau as a leading employer in Ontario at yesterday’s press conference held to announce a new provincial legislation.


Over the past five years, Plastic Mobile has gone beyond borders to find the best talent, establishing its expertise in mobile technology and user experience and becoming a leader in mobile innovation.



President and COO of Plastic Mobile, Melody Adhami said, “Ontario is an incredible place to start and build a business that could become a global enterprise, the opportunities are immense. Plastic Mobile has been growing at such a rapid pace and we will continue to as we push the boundaries of possible with mobile and touch technology.”


Minister Coteau showcased Plastic Mobile as a prime example for a new legislation that he recently announced at Queen’s Park saying, “I think this is a great success story and these are the types of businesses that we need in Ontario to continue to add to our robust economy.”


Following the press conference, Minister Coteau had the opportunity to tour the Plastic Mobile Innovation Lab where he got to play around with some cutting-edge beta technology, from wearables to commerce-enabled BLE devices.


As a leading employer, Plastic Mobile will continue to help build the economy in the province of Ontario while paving the way for mobile innovation.


About Plastic Mobile

Plastic Mobile is an award-winning mobile marketing agency building strategic solutions in m-commerce – encompassing payments, wallets, transactions and coupons – as well as mobile loyalty, location-based marketing, mobile gaming, and in-store initiatives. Based out of Toronto and New York the range of services include mobile strategy, design, development and marketing – all inspired by user-centric experiences to push forward a world in motion. Plastic Mobile facilitates top-tier brands such as AIR MILES, ING Direct, Beyond the Rack, Brookfield, Rogers and Pizza Pizza, into the fast-paced mobile evolution. For more information and case studies, visit us at



Salome Sallehy

Marketing Director

Plastic Mobile

Office: (416) 538-8880 x228

Mobile 1: (647) 970-2789

Mobile 2: (604) 726-2438



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