Barger Corporation Announces Purchase of Communications Satellite

The Chairman of the Board and Founder of Barger Corporation, Gerald (Gerry) Waterson, just announced the purchase of one of the largest and most expensive non-military communications satellites from the Eurpopean Space Agency. This satellite, of the Envisat class, will weigh approximately 19,000 pounds  and will cost 2.1 billion dollars.

The platform will be in a geosynchronous orbit serving the far east countries of China, Japan, and South Korea and will vastly improve the video, voice, and data communications for numerous companies and agencies in the region.

Financing was obtained with a collaborative effort between Barger Corporation, The Industrial and Commerce Bank of China and the Peoples Republic of China.

Unlike most ESA launches, the satellite will be launched from the Hainan Spaceport facility which will be soon upgraded to accomodate the planned heavy lunar missions.

Dr. Waterson stated that this is one of several satlellites that the company plans to launch in the next few years to provide world wide coverage for its expanding operations.

Barger Corporation is a world wide leader in data, voice, and video wired and wireless communications with services that include installation, operations, and training in these fields.



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