Thetaris releases Theta Suite XL, an innovative Monte-Carlo toolbox for Microsoft Excel

Thetaris, a world-leading provider of modeling solutions for the financial sector, supports Excel analyses based on the Monte-Carlo simulation method with its new solution Theta Suite XL. Typical weak areas of Microsoft Excel like low performance and usability during the calculation of a large number of scenarios no longer pose a problem: Theta Suite XL defines the original simulation model outside of Excel, using the simple coding language ThetaML, which has been developed especially for Monte-Carlo simulations.

Via the so-called Excel-Bridge, an Excel add-in, models can be configured and evaluated outside Microsoft Excel. So users are able to execute Monte-Carlo simulations faster, more precisely and even more transparently, especially with the valuation of financial products, in the context of corporate planning and benchmarking or for the optimization of production processes and product strategies following the six-sigma-method. Interested users may test-drive the novel features of Theta Suite XL in the Thetaris cloud by downloading a free demo version: The download package contains Excel-templates for a range of Monte-Carlo models and can be tested directly online in the Thetaris cloud. Theta Suite XL is available now for the creation and valuation of your own models. The freeware version for use in academic areas as well as evaluation purposes is ready for download.

“Microsoft Excel is a fantastic tool for the embedding of data sources and a great one for reporting. However it is not geared towards simulation models like Monte-Carlo. Here is where Theta Suite XL comes into play.” Andreas Grau, CEO of Thetaris, explains. >>>Read more on Theta Suite (<<<


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