San Antonio, TX’s Homeowners Spruce Up Entryways, Improve Curb Appeal

– The entryway is the first impression of a home, the scene that welcomes all visitors, so it is important to make the impression a good one. Some homes have that natural, inviting charm, but homes that do not are not beyond help.

Paying attention to the details and applying some basic design principles can diminish less-than-flattering features of an entryway, increase curb appeal, and get homeowners feeling better about their home even though they may wish they could call garage builders and siding contractors for major overhauls.

Three Big Impact Changes
1. Use color to draw the eye up and away from the negative aspects and toward something beautiful like a freshly-painted door or new door with decorative elements like clear stained glass. Placing some planters or fresh flowers can create a focal point with pops of color and a light, welcoming scent.

2. Brighten up the space and add flair. New light fixtures not only create a more secure area but can add some style to an entryway with options ranging from casual, contemporary and elegant to mission, rustic and nautical. All this task requires is a little time and some basic electrical wiring know-how.

3. Swap out the existing hardware for a sleek, modern look. Make it easier for visitors and delivery services to find the house by installing clearly-visible house numbers. Add a new knocker, doorbell, handle and deadbolt to complement the numbers. This may be a good time to upgrade the lock or switch to a reprogrammable, combination lock. Coordinate with the entryway’s other new elements for a cohesive finished result.

Getting hung up on the negative aspects of the home is a common mistake homeowners make, but a little creativity and time can help them and their guests redirect their attention to the better characteristics of the San Antonio, TX home.

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