Henkaa’s Sakura Mini Convertible Dress Makes Runway Debut at America’s Next Top Model Live

Henkaa will be debuting the newest addition to the Sakura convertible dress collection at America’s Next Top Model (ANTM) Live in Toronto on May 4, 5, and 6. Henkaa-nistas interested in seeing the dress can visit the Henkaa booth or catch the Schwarzkopf Professional Main Stage Fashion Show for a peek. The Sutherland Supermodel Search Finalists will be strutting down the runway showing off some of the infinite styles the dress can be worn in.

Versatility at its greatest – Henkaa’s new Sakura Mini convertible dress is one-size-fits-most and can be worn by fashionistas of any age or size from a full length gown for pre-school girls to a flirty mini-dress or tunic top for teens and adults. The Sakura Mini shows how Henkaa’s perfect blend of high quality lightweight knit fabric with a subtle sheen can provide maximum flexibility in all situations. The innovative design of the Sakura Mini convertible dress has a flared skirt for perfect draping and the flexible straps are an ideal length to provide a clean look and freedom to create infinite styles. 

Contest Alert! Not only will guests be able to see the dress for themselves, they can also enter to win a Sakura Mini Convertible Dress Prize Pack. Ballots will be accepted at the Henkaa booth or by visiting www.henkaa.com/contests.

“We are thrilled to be debuting our mini dress at America’s Next Top Model Live. It’s an opportunity for a new wave of fans to get to know Henkaa. From school, to work, to shopping trips, to special events, the Sakura collection has all a woman’s wardrobe needs covered.”

– Joanna Duong, Henkaa Founder & CEO

About Henkaa

Henkaa is a convertible fashion and accessories brand. At Henkaa, each and every piece featured is convertible and can be worn in multiple ways; the sum of one product is infinite and only bound by creativity. From convertible dresses and skirts to convertible tops and multipurpose accessories, Henkaa’s mission is to be a canvas that empowers women of all shapes, sizes, and walks of life to do more with less, to reuse and repurpose, to innovate, to educate, to share, to create opportunity, to grow and to inspire us and each other. Dresses are designed and proudly made with love in Canada.


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